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Selling on Amazon is HARD isn't it? 
I know...They told you it would be easy. Turns out being successful with FBA is hard work! That's where we come in. Take it from a couple of dudes who have been through the trenches...It's HARD!! We know what NEEDS to be DONE and are here to help you out! 
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  • Struggling to find a reliable PROMO source. (It's Still Allowed) Big box sites just no cutting it? We can Help With That!
  • Having Trouble getting UNGATED in your category? We can Help With That!
  • Does your product images, listings, and lead pages lack that sizzle? WE CAN HELP WITH THAT!
Funnelology @ 2014 - How we took a dead funnel, and turned it into a $500k / month goldmine...